Friday, 11 November 2011

Water resistant hair concealer for Indians..!!

Nanogen's Aquamatch, Water Resistant Treatment Concealer with easy application and long lasting finish for all day!
Thinning hair reduces not only the styling options one may like to go for but makes you look older due to male or female pattern baldness. When a person begins to suffer the affects of male or female pattern hair thinning, one has fewer styling choices and flattering hair cuts. On the contrary, by using a Hair Treatment India such as Nanogen Hair Camouflage , which has been clinically demonstrated to correct such pattern hair loss, one may regain a degree of hair growth. But Hair treatment takes time, what to do now when you want make a hair style statement or just conceal your empty area? The solution is just one, Nanogen's Aquamatch!

There are numerous Hair Loss Products in India but none matches Aquamatch, Nanogen's concealer safely blends scalp and hair color together to conceal empty areas as well as thinning hair, and uniquely complements Male and Female Thinning Hair treatment. Aquamatch is applied very precisely and therefore conceals thinning hair making it look similar to your natural hair, even in small areas such as scars, it looks completely natural when effectively blended in. Perfectly designed for active lifestyles, it is highly flexible and portable to carry anywhere. Also you do not need to mix it with water or fiddle with a messy applicator. Aquamatch comes in a discreet packaging and makes no mention of hair camouflage at all.

Aquamatch is cent percent water resistant. It can be blended in for up to 10 minutes after application. After 10 minutes, Aquamatch gets dried to become water resistant, and would not rinse off even when completely immersed in a bucket full water. Such a great water resistance power is unmatched in Hair Loss Products India yet.

Nanogen Hair Camouflage Aquamatch is 100% Safe for Male and Female Thinning Hair. Not only it is safe to use on your hair and skin every day but it has been designed specifically to deliver beneficial treatment actives directly to the skin. Nanogen's unique formula also complements hair to grow completely naturally and does not affect the penetration of any other topical treatment. Nanogen's products are formulated specifically to be gentle on male and female thinning hair whilst maintaining efficacy.

So why look older when you can look younger in just 10 minutes? All day long lasting Aquamatch is designed to meet your needs and boost your hair regrowth naturally.


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This information is very useful thanks for posting the information on hairfall solutions.
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