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Find Hair Vitamin Products and Hair Growth Solution for Hair Loss Prevention with Hair Loss Treatment and Hair Thickening Products.Hair Loss Medicine India for Male/Female Hair Loss Preventions.

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Nanogen India Provides Nanofibres for Hair Loss and Hair Fall Solutions in India. Also Provides Hair Loss Concealer, Keratin Hair Fibers, Hair Camoflage for Thinning Hair Solutions.

Titanium Microneedle Scalp Roller - Nanogen’s Scalproller for Men and Women

Scalproller will increase the penetration of any growth treatment, including Serum VEGF™. Encourages scalp repair and hair growth mechanisms.

Simple 4 Step Protocol for Thinning Hair

The Nanogen approach to thinning hair is based on a simple 4 step protocol. The 4 steps highlight the most important aims of men and women with thinning hair.

Hair loss prevention/prevent hair loss products - are you intended to have a thin head of hair?

Consumers are flooded with hair loss prevention products and miracle cures. Unfortunately, most of potions out there just do not work. And, unfortunately, millions of men and women suffer from hair loss. It can do serious damage to your self-esteem, makes you aware of how to perform common tasks, such as a trip to the store. In men, it is called male pattern hair loss (or MPB), while the women, called female pattern hair loss (or FPB).

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

5 Simple Reasons why you could Lose your Hair - Stop Hair Loss

There Are 6 Simple Reasons For Thinning And Hair Loss In Both Men and Women.

Actually there are many reasons you may find your Hair Thinning or falling out that can be resolved by your doctor and successfully treated. However one of main causes of thinning hair for both men and women are normal and can be treated successfully.

Hairstylists are very clever and have insights with their clients so ask yours for help as a first line of defense if you notice hair thinning or Hair Fall shedding. Indian hairstylists find that they truly enjoy helping clients with thinning hair or that they’ve had a personal experience with the issue themselves. One such hair replacement specialist started her hair replacement center after suffering her own experiences with Alopecia Areata, and realizing there were no services to help women with hair loss and thinning issues.

If you notice marked signs of hair loss and are concerned, a general rule of thumb would be to head straight to your physician, trichologist or a dermatologist to rule out any serious health problems. There are many changes you can make in your daily routines and ways that will improve the health and look of your hair.

If you notice Hair Thinning and falling hair, bald patches hair loss; ask yourself some tough questions and be honest with your answers!

ONE: Are you aware of any hormonal abnormalities; are you already on any medication for hormonal issues?
Many different hormone fluctuations, abnormalities, birth control regimens and medications can be associated with Hair Loss so if you can see no other reason why hair loss would be occurring, check in with your primary care physician for blood testing.

TWO: How do you treat your hair on a daily basis?
Tight ponytails and headbands, chemical hair treatments, improper use of heated styling tools can all cause breakage, called local trauma. Discuss your daily regimens with your hairstylist who can identify local trauma by the patterns of breakage and teach you how to avoid and correct the problem. If they can’t help you, they will refer you to a physician or dermatologist who can.

THREE: Are you currently taking any medications?
Many medicines have a side-effect of hair loss, with steroids and chemotherapy the most obvious culprits among a very long list. Check with your physician if you notice hair loss, especially when starting a new medication regimen.

FOUR: Do you feel completely stressed-out?
Stress can affect your hair the same way it affects other major organs like the heart. Physical traumas as well as mental traumas can cause hair loss and thinning and many times cause hair problems three to six months after a traumatic event has occurred. Try to identify if this is the case or if your life is just too busy and try to make some changes.

FIVE: Is something going on in your scalp you are unaware of?
Your first line of defense here is your hairstylist who can examine scalp and hair follicles and quickly identify product build-up, excessive sebum production, and fungal or other infections. These conditions can all reduce cell respiration at the bulb because sticky styling products not removed well enough attracts dirt and bacteria that plugs up pores and follicles leading to serious infections. If your hairstylist notices any signs of infection, he will likely refer you to a dermatologist for treatment to resolve the situation.

If you Are you noticing your hair is getting thinner and shedding more than normal, refer to the nanogen four step protocol see webs site . The protocol will advise on hair shampoo for hair loss, hair conditioners for hair thinning and thickening the hair and healthy hair, strong hair, reducing hair loss dramatically. With great hair growth factors in all products. There are many Hair Regrowth Products in the India markets and also herbal, and hair transplant options.

A single hair's natural cycle is for it to grow for several years, then naturally fall out and be replaced by new growth. If hair fall hair problems, scalp problems , women and pregnancy and hair loss, exceeds hair growth then thinning or baldness may become noticeable. Hair thinning is also a common sign of aging as natural hormones reduce in production and can be seen by the pattern of the thinning. Women are predisposed to general thinning while men have genetically predisposed receptors located in certain areas which results in Male Pattern Baldness.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Nanogen Non-Surgical Hair Loss Solutions - Regrowth Hair India

As Nanogens Hair loss and Hair Regrowth systems and Treatments for Hair Loss and hair fall improve and develop, it should come as no surprise to see that other options are becoming more technically advanced too. For many men and women suffering hair problems, ‘non-surgical hair replacement’ is simply a euphemism for wigs, toupes and hair pieces. But that is an out-of-date view. Non-surgical hair replacement techniques have become increasingly sophisticated in recent years. For many men, they now offer the most appropriate solution to male-pattern baldness.

Here, we will take a more detailed look at non-surgical Hair Camoflage and Hair Thickening. We will provide more information about the treatment and the procedure and consider the kinds of scenarios where it may be appropriate. We will also look at the disadvantages, and why some men may prefer surgical hair transplants to non-surgical techniques.

What is non-surgical Hair Camoflage System?
If you still think that non-surgical hair replacement means wearing a wig, you may be pleasantly surprised. Today’s techniques create a result that is far more subtle, far more comfortable, far more natural and fair easier to live with.

The Natural and 100% safe to use fibres are sprinkled onto thinning hair , and then patted to disperse the fibres into the hair and hey presto! The appearance of baldness is gone,The fibres attach with the existing hair, to create a very natural effect.

This approach allows the hair to be matched perfectly with the existing hair, in terms of colour, density and direction. Similarly, because the keratin fibres are securely attached to the hair using the very latest bonding hair spray , locking mist plus, you can use Nanogent with confidence, even while playing sport, in the rain and even in the wind. 

What does the treatment involve?
Most non-surgical Hair replacement begins with an initial design consultation, with Nanogen you can make your own informed decision about how to go about the use of the products, follow the four step protocol.

First clean, then stabilise, then stimulate and while these treatments are taking place conceal and style.

Why choose non-surgical hair replacement?
So why would you choose non-surgical hair camoflage; over other treatments for male-pattern baldness / hair fall or even Female Hair Loss? The first and most obvious reason is that, for a lot of men and women , other routes such as using Minoxidil or Finasteride do not work. So if they cannot generate hair regrowth via medical routes, non-surgical hair replacement is their best chioce. Thinning Hair, hair fall, hair loss, all these issues are addressed.

Of course, in these sorts of cases, non-surgical hair replacement is not their only option. They could try surgery. However, for many men who have Male-pattern Baldness, surgery is the last resort. One reason for this is that many people just do not want to have surgery unless it is absolutely necessary. Another reason is that surgery takes existing hair and moves it around your head. Therefore, the success of the surgery relies on having enough existing hair to be able to move some from the ‘donor area’. There is also the danger that, if you continue to lose hair in the future, you will need further surgery, which will once again diminish the hair in the donor area. Surgery therefore, is not a sustainable treatment.

Non-surgical hair thickeners, hair building fibres avoid these problems as it does not tamper with or remove the existing hair.

What are the disadvantages?
The only disadvantage is that , the fibres require some hair , even vellus hair which can be invisible and also skin colour to work. If there is complete baldness or total hair loss this product will not work.

How much does it cost?  
The product retails in India at rs 1799 for one tin of 15 grams and will last depending on the hair loss for appx 45days 

Why Nanogen is the leader in Hair Loss Research?

Nanogens Hair Loss Products are exactly what the Doctor ordered. The products are researched especially for hair fall and baldness. The range includes specialised products for men and women who have hair loss and hair fall problems. Most hair loss treatments do not always have this concept in mind and give generic treatments for Male and Female Hair Loss patients. 

Nanogen is now in India with the new range of products , hair loss shampoo, hair thickening conditioners, hair regrowth treatments, minoxidil user freindly products that ease scalp irritation.

The products can be used in conjunction with regaine, rogaine, minoxidil, and Nanogen’s Scalp Ease is the only hair loss product in the market to help and ease the irritation on the scalp caused by alchohol in the above mentioned products.

Many hair transplant patients and those who go for hair replacements like farrel and trasitions or even advanced hair studios can benefit greatly by using the products in conjuntion with these baldness covering and Hair Camoflage Therapies.

There are inumerable Hair Loss and Hair Fall Therapies and each individual will have a wide choice to choose from.

The range at Nanogen India is now amazing and what was only available to celebrities and models and and film stars is now available for us all.

The range can benefit skin problem sufferers , skin disorders related to hair problems or not. The products can enhance any topical absorbtion and highly increase the benefits and results of minoxidil based and regaine based treatments.

Gordon Ramsay's £30,000 hair transplant vs Rs 1799 Nanofibres (£20.00)

Gordon Ramsay's £30,000 hair transplant has been hailed as a rip off by a prison warder who solved his own baldness - using a £20.00 tin of Nanofibres..!!

Father-of-three John Banks, 47, was nicknamed Friar Tuck over his lack of hair but instead of resorting to expensive treatment he trawled the high street for a cheaper solution. He bought a can of Nanofibres, which filled in the empty patches on his head with tiny keratin fibres that clung to his existing hair.

Mr Banks from Eastbourne, said: 'It just shows you don't have to be a rich celeb like Gordon Ramsay to cover up your baldness. I was amazed about how quickly the treatment worked; people noticed straight away and gave me compliments. The prison worker was 35 when he first began Hair Thinning and spent years cutting his hair short and wearing hats in a bid to disguise the growing bald patches at the top and back of his head.

Mr Banks said: 'I used to just grin and bear it when my hair first started falling out, but in the last 3-4 years it's started to come out much more.

'At first I had to cut my hair really short as I didn't want to have one of those awful comb overs.'

But three years ago the patches had grown and people began calling him 'baldy', with some saying he looked like Friar Tuck. Even his fiance Claire Sharman, 42, joked that she wanted to marry him before he went completely bald.

Source daily mail reporter

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