Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Why Nanogen is the leader in Hair Loss Research?

Nanogens Hair Loss Products are exactly what the Doctor ordered. The products are researched especially for hair fall and baldness. The range includes specialised products for men and women who have hair loss and hair fall problems. Most hair loss treatments do not always have this concept in mind and give generic treatments for Male and Female Hair Loss patients. 

Nanogen is now in India with the new range of products , hair loss shampoo, hair thickening conditioners, hair regrowth treatments, minoxidil user freindly products that ease scalp irritation.

The products can be used in conjunction with regaine, rogaine, minoxidil, and Nanogen’s Scalp Ease is the only hair loss product in the market to help and ease the irritation on the scalp caused by alchohol in the above mentioned products.

Many hair transplant patients and those who go for hair replacements like farrel and trasitions or even advanced hair studios can benefit greatly by using the products in conjuntion with these baldness covering and Hair Camoflage Therapies.

There are inumerable Hair Loss and Hair Fall Therapies and each individual will have a wide choice to choose from.

The range at Nanogen India is now amazing and what was only available to celebrities and models and and film stars is now available for us all.

The range can benefit skin problem sufferers , skin disorders related to hair problems or not. The products can enhance any topical absorbtion and highly increase the benefits and results of minoxidil based and regaine based treatments.


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