Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Reasons of Male and Female Thinning Hair. . .

Originally, Nanofibres were developed to help hair transplant patients in hair recovery. The authentic look gained from Nanofibres was just perfect for people waiting for the results that Hair loss treatment surgery gave them. While today, Nanofibres are extremely popular among people from all walks of life and all over the world, who wish to present their best everyday and feel great about their hair appearance.

Nanofibres India have developed continuously since their invention nearly a decade ago to make them the finest instant Nanogen Hair Camoflage available. Now Nanofibres India offers several patent pending advantages over rival newcomers. That's why Nanogen keratin hair fibres continue to be endorsed by the most reputed hair loss treatment organizations in Europe and around the world.

Let us see, How do Nanofibres actually work?

Nanogen Keratin Hair Fibres are applied quickly and that too without mess by simply shaking the fibre container over the thinning area, releasing number of microscopic color-matched Nanogen keratin hair fibres, which intertwine perfectly with your natural existing hairs.

Often charged with static electricity, they bond along the hair fibres so comfortably that they have the capacity to stay in place all day, even in strong winds and rain and would not smear but can be easily washed with shampoo.

You may have a question in your mind, For whom is it suitable among the sexes? Well, Nanogen Hair Camoflage is suitable for Men as well as Women.

Nanofibres India are designed to work equally effective on both sexes, and also for people of any age. If you are a gentleman who would like to control the rate or scale of your Thinning Hair appearance or if you are a lady who has been experiencing thinning hair problem which tends not to get much worse than generalized thinning, Nanogen Hair Camoflage is perfect for you.

Moreover, the Nanofibres jar is specially designed to give maximum static charge to these fibres. Fibres become more Electro statically charged as they exit the dispensing grid. The materials used in the 

Nanogen dispensing system have been chosen based mainly on their electrostatic donating potential. Nanogen's Nanogen keratin hair fibres last approximately between 30 and 45 days dependent on use and these special fibres being completely non-toxic do not interfere with any other Hair loss treatment products, or topical formulations that you may be using.

Nanofibres India offers discreet Packaging to make sure better performance. Only outer cartons or package inserts describe the nature of each Nanogen product. You can keep Nanogen products anywhere with confidence. Nanogen knows there are subtle differences between Asia, Europe & America's brown hair color but rest assured Nanofibres are compatible with all these ethnic hair color shades.

Nanofibres is the instant Hair Thickening hair camouflage with patented technology of Nanogen.

Only Nanogen Hair Loss Products are approved by the Alopecia Society and recommended by many of the world's leading hair loss professionals including eminent hair transplant surgeons.


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