Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Tips For beautiful hair like that of celebrities

You must have, for several times, wondered what celebrities do for the shiny, sparkly hair they proudly flaunt. You may have even wished to be proud owners of such beautiful stresses but unfortunately never found out what these famous beauties do to make their hair look so gorgeous.  Well, you can now stop guessing, as we bring you some tips they have shared!

Deepika Padukone's hair care secret:

Along with skin care, Deepika gives equal importance to hair care. She believes that the most important factor one needs to consider when it comes to hair care is that hair should always be washed with cool water. Hot water? Never! 

Neha Dhupia's hair care secret:

Neha is someone who believes in the age-old oil massage or champi. She never forgets to oil her hair, thoroughly, at least once a week. She is of the opinion that constant exposure to sunlight, weather changes, and pollution takes away moisture from her hair, leaving it dry. And on dry hair, nothing works better than an oil massage. Another secret behind her soft and silky hair is that she indulges in deep conditioning once in a month.

Chitrangada Singh's hair care secret:

Her hair is as sexy as the actress herself.  And she gives all the credit for her lustrous locks to coconut hair oil massages, which provide the much needed deep conditioning and nourishment. She is someone who firmly believes that as long as beautiful hair is in vogue, oiling will always be the in thing. The actress has been following the massage regimen since her childhood, no wonder her hair rocks! Cleanliness is another factor that is very important according to her. She advises the use a light shampoo thrice a week and towel drying post the wash.

Vidya Malvade's hair care secret:

The model cum actress admits that oiling your hair regularly is important but surely not enough. A head massage is essential as this enhances blood circulation in the scalp. She vouches for Shirodhara, an Ayurveda treatment that involves gently pouring medicinal heb mixtures over the forehead onto your head. This not only helps to strengthen the hair but also prevents hair loss.

Minisha Lamba's hair care secret:

The actress who is blessed with good hair says that she just follows a basic regimen for healthy hair. It includes shampooing and conditioning twice a week. "Lather, rinse, repeat" is her hair care mantra. Minisha feels that apart from external care, some internal nourishment is also necessary in order to maintain healthy and shiny hair. She includes walnuts, almonds and cashew nuts, in her diet as these are the perfect foods for your hair.

Now that you know what makes these celebrities' hair look so gorgeous, what are you waiting for? Try these tips yourself!


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