Monday, 16 September 2013

Hair loss treatment is now possible.....

Each strand of hair has its own growth cycle, which has three distinct phases that occur one after the other. These are - anagen, catagen, and telogen phases. While one strand of hair may be in the anagen phase, another may be in the catagen phase and a third in the telogen phase. Thus all three phases occur simultaneously. A strand of hair grows around 1.25 cms in a month. Once a cycle is complete, the whole cycle restarts and a new strand of hair begins to grow.

During the last phase ie. the telogen phase, the hair and its follicle stay in a dormant stage for almost 2 to 3 months. Once the telogen phase is complete, it's time for a whole new cycle and the anagen phase begins. The existing strand of hair is pushed upwards and out by a new strand that begins to grow. This leads to faaling of the old strand.

Losing around 100 hair a day is considered as normal. But there are ceratin factors that can adversely affect the normal life cycle of a hair. Heredity, poor diet, poor blood circulation, wrong styling, harsh shampoos, exposure to excessive heat, smoking, certain medical conditions, and stress are some of them. These days a thinning mane, receding hairlines and baldness have become a common matter of concern. Hair loss prevention, hence, becomes a must if you want to maintain the volume of your crown.

With the advent of science, hair loss treatment is now possible, and you can regrow your lost hair with hair growth products available in the market. It's just about choosing the right and safe products, which is kind of tricky with so many options available. Act fast, as hair loss is not only a physical condition but it can also destroy your morale leading to social isolation.


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Thanks for sharing information

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