Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Hair loss restoration using hair loss remedies

Before we talk about hair loss remedies, let us give you details about hair loss. Hair loss affects millions of people. Hair fall is normal process till a certain extent i.e. on an average 60 – 80 hair fall a day is normal, not more than, otherwise it is abnormal and you have a reason to worry. Approximately 45% cases come under this category and it can affect both male and female.

Hair fall may happen due to below reasons:

  1. Thyroid or Liver disease
  2. Liver or Kidney failure Anesthesia
  3. Childbirth
  4. Starting or stopping birth control pills
  5. Very high fever
  6. Severe Stress and Tension
  7.  Anemia 
  8. Hypothyroidism or Hyperthyroidism 
  9. Essential fatty acid deficiency
  10. Zinc deficiency
  11. Any condition that upsets the Hormone system of body
  12. Protein deficiency (Common with vegetarian diets)
  13.  Loss of Appetite or Dieting 
  14. Too much intake of vitamin A 
  15. Local viral, fungal, or protozoan infection
  16. Drug toxicity 
  17. Antimitotic – such as those used for cancer  chemotherapy 
  18. Bromocriptine – used to stop lactation (Breast Milk)
  19. High B.P. Medicines (Beta blockers / ACE inhibitors) 
  20. Appetite destroyer (Amphetamines)
It could be any reason for hair fall, but the perfect remedy to stop hair loss and restore hair is to use products that have scientific back ground, Pangaea manufactures and sells products that they develop themselves in their own laboratories. Many years of research and development are the reason their products are a huge success world wide. Nanogen branded medicines and products.  Pangaea Ltd is a renowned name in hair care from last many years. Nanogen ranges of products are result of intensive research to improve health of hair. Nanogen range of products have been tailored and optimized to address specific hair needs and the result is beautiful hair for a lifetime. Nanogen branded Hair Growth Factor Shampoo, Hair Growth Factor Conditioner, Hair Growth Factor Treatment Mask, Hair Growth Factor Hydrator Spray; Hair Growth Factor Serum etc. have earned the trust of millions of customers worldwide along with the medical fraternity.


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