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Know about Hair loss, Prevent hair loss and Hair transplant.

Stop hair loss
 Baldness or alopecia is the decline or absence of hair and is more common in men than in women. In the case of the first, usually develops with a typical pattern in which recedes from the front to back and thins at the crown.As for women, the loss is widespread and not progress backwards. 

In both cases it is a result of hormonal changes, aging and genetic predisposition.However, it can also be caused by certain diseases, burns or trauma. It has been established that the younger you start the process of hair loss, the more severe the baldness. 

In addition to the pattern baldness female and male, there are four additional types. Alopecia areata is hair loss suddenly in a given area. Usually temporary. Toxic alopecia is one that occurs after a period of high fever or serious illness or intake of certain medications. In this case the hair loss is also temporary. Cicatricial alopecia is one in which hair does not grow in a certain product of scars on the scalp can be caused by burns, wounds or X-ray therapy Finally, trichotillomania consists hair pulling. This phenomenon is very common among children and can cause baldness. 

This evil, can be perceived when the hair begins to thin and lose its strength. It is very common during washing and brushing will notice an increase in hair loss. To diagnose it can perform a skin biopsy, which help determine the origin of the fall. 

While there are no known ways to prevent hair loss, it is treatable once baldness begins to develop.Among the most widely used products, there is a solution that is poured directly onto the scalp, called Minoxidil. They are also used by some drugs given orally, called Finasteride. However, this is only for men. 

You can also use aesthetic solutions designed to conceal the absence of hair, like using hairpieces, changing hair style and the use of extensions. These mechanisms are the least expensive. Ultimately there is the possibility of undergoing a hair transplant. Requires several sessions and is quite expensive, however, the results recorded are successful. 

Suffering from baldness involves no health risks, but it can have consequences in the esteem of those who suffer makeover product that affects their self-esteem. For more information please visit :


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Very nice information about prevent hair loss & hair transplantation.
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