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Non-surgical Alternatives for Hair Loss Treatment

Hair loss can be destructive for the many people who at some point starts to become bald. Across the world perceived hair loss as a sign of aging, loss of virility and especially for women a sign of ill health. Although none of these perceptions are correct (hair loss can actually occur in any age and of numerous reasons), it can be to deal with the chronic embarrassment and self-esteem problems, it brings a great emotional and psychological stress.

The constant search for new ways to help those who suffer from hair loss, will attract attention worldwide. Some Hair Loss Treatment techniques and products have proven to be beneficial, while others have only played on the emotions of those who suffer from this problem.


Alopecia (baldness) is not just a male problem. It affects a significant number of women, but unfortunately women have a harder time finding an appropriate treatment option. Women experience a different type of hair loss than most men, making treatment more difficult. Women often do not have a stable, permanent area for donor and therefore may be unsuitable for a surgical hair transplantation. Add in the fact that not all hair loss medications approved for use in women. However, treatments like laser may be useful.

Approved drugs

There are two approved drugs for hair loss: Propecia in tablet form (that contains finasteride 1mg) and Rogaine (that contains minoxidil) and should be applied. Minoxidil can be purchased over the counter, whereas Finasteride only available on prescription.

Medication helps in two ways. It can be used to reverse hair loss when used early in the process and can retard further hair loss at almost any stage. Drugs work well for some patients but not for others. They may be used alone or as part of a course of treatment, which includes a hair transplant. General information about the drugs you could say that the earlier you start them, the more effective they are. In about 1/3 of cases there is a visible amount of hair regrowth, whereas before they were lost and some 85% of patients, it can significantly slow down further hair loss.

It's a common misconception that drugs work only on the top of the head. Contrary to what people think works both Rogaine and Propecia, both front and top of the scalp. The effect is simply bigger on top. Both medications thicken fine, miniaturized hair and both are unable to get hair to grow in places that are completely bald. The top of the scalp usually has hair in the thinning for longer than the front. This helps explain the relatively better response to medication in this area. Propecia is significantly more effective than Rogaine in treating hair loss, but there seems to be a positive synergistic effect when used together.

Medications take time to work, and usually see the results after six months to a year. In the first few months they can do that, traps, so it requires the patient to be patient and continue to use the medication. Effects will wear off if you stop the drugs and the patient will quickly end up with an equally large loss, as if he had not consumed them.

Herbal medicine

The most widely used herbal product claimed to be able to get hair to grow, saw palmetto. It is an herb that contains two types of oils, fatty acids and sterols. It has also been marketed as an aphrodisiac, a steroid to build muscle tissue, a treatment for natural breast enhancement and as an aid in the treatment of enlarged prostate.

The exact mechanism is unknown. Saw palmetto appears to be fairly effective at relieving symptoms of enlarged prostate and is commonly recommended for this disorder. However, there has never been a controlled scientific study to show that it can restore lost hair growth, and it is experience of physicians involved in treating hair loss, it is not effective in treating this disorder. Many other herbal remedies have been used for hair loss over the years but none seem to have any real effect against hair loss.

Laser Treatment

This technique is based on a scientific concept known as photo-biotherapy. It involves the use of laser light to stimulate cell growth. As with drug treatment seems this method to work best in areas with thinning of the hairs, rather than completely bald areas. Laser treatment for hair loss clinics, but also available in a smaller home version.

The home version works like a comb to spread the hair so that laser light can more easily reach the scalp. More powerful laser systems are available only under the supervision of a physician.

Camouflage techniques

Use of cosmetics is a common method of hiding hair loss, and it is typically used by people who are just starting to thin hair, especially on top. A number of Hair Loss Products for Thinning Hair that can make the hair look thicker, can today be bought in stores. They exist both as powders, sprays and creams. The main limitation of all these products is that unless the person has a certain amount of hair to hold the cosmetics in place, it does not look natural.

Wigs, hats (particularly baseball caps) and scarves are all used to hide baldness. In recent years the Hair Treatment that are glued or sewn to the patient's existing hair, evolved into a major industry. The problem with these systems is that they must be periodically adjusted, requiring repeated visits to the salon and significant expense. Since they can not be removed at night, they cause further hair loss through wear and drag, making the user even more dependent on the hair piece. They are also difficult to clean, and they can get it to look as if the wearer has too much hair.

The last option to hide the hair loss is simply to shave his head. For many men and a small percentage of women solves this problem in its entirety. Although it may take time for them to get used to the new look, feel some patients simply more free by eliminating the problem of hair loss in this way.


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