Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Scalp Treatment Enhancer: Scalp Roller / Derma Roller

Treatments For Hair Loss And Hair Fall Have Been Usually Prescribed By Dermatologists And They Have Been Widely Using Minoxidil, Regaine, Rogaine And Many Other Scalp Absorbing Medication. The Medication Is Usually Expensive And Every Drop Should Be Made To Count.

This kind of topical treatment for Hair Fall and Hair Loss works by penetrating the scalp. However the desired amount of absorption and the amount of depth of penetration is not always achieved. The other issue is patience, the results are proven but, any visible benefits can only be seen after many months of regular and persistent usage.

Therefore the invention of the derma roller or what is now commonly called scalp roller, was a god send and innovative introduction to the already effective line of hair loss and Hare Care Products.

 Not only does it dramatically increase the absorption of Hair Growth Treatments or hair re growth oils and hair remedies that we apply on the scalp but it encourages scalp repairs and hair growth mechanisms.

The penetration of the medication to the depth of the hair follicle and roots of the hair is very important for the benefits of the medication to be appreciated. So more medication reaches the desired level of penetration and gets there with the most effective method.

Hair Transplants can leave scars, especially in the donor area; this is also addressed by using the scalp roller which heals donor scars. The way this is done is the roller gives a certain level of trauma to the skin area; however no appreciable pain or injury is sustained with the home use rollers.

This trauma informs the brain that some healing is require and therefore attracts healing to the area.

PRP is now a big thing in hair loss arena and many Doctors are prescribing this form of treatment for hair loss. The Scalp Roller is the preferred method to bring greatest results from this very expensive treatment.

Used daily with or with out topical treatments the Scalp Roller Stimulates Repair and growth in the hair and scalp. Nanogens Scalp Roller creates the perfect environment for Healing and Hair Growth, Promoting a scar less, thicker head of hair.


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