Monday, 29 August 2011

Hair Loss and the Effects of This on Your Life

The symptoms for male pattern hair loss are quite obvious, and for that reason alone, it can usually be diagnosed visually. 

The baldness generally starts at the temples, and the front of the hair line. The hair in these areas becomes thinner and lighter, exposing the scalp, and can ultimately stop growing; this is when the hairline begins to recede.

Depending on the type of male baldness, this thinning and loss of hair can also happen on the crown of the head. Where you begin to lose hair is very much determined by heredity, as is the speed at which you shed hair.

This does not represent any major physical risk, however psychologically it can be very detrimental. Many men can experience serious emotional trauma and a low self-esteem. There are numerous options to treat this form of hair loss, ranging from transplants to wigs and hair pieces and Hair Fibers like Nanogen

Hair Regrowth products have become quite popular in recent years, mainly due to a handful of promising products that have recently been developed. They do not represent a cure for male pattern baldness, but they do help prevent and slow down the process. The two most common products are Rogaine and Minoxidil, as also Camouflage Products that cover up the appearance of baldness Nanofibres is one such product. These have been proven to work for hereditary hair loss that occurs on the crown of the head. There are also some Hair Growth Products on the market that claim to treat hair loss at the temples, though none have been proven to work consistently.

Cosmetic surgery in all facets has become much more successful, and hair transplants/implants/plugs are no exception. They involve taking donor hair from the back of the individual’s head, where there is still a lot of hair. This hair is then transplanted to the bald regions. The results are usually very good, and are permanent. The downside is that it is a costly and sometimes lengthy procedure. This cost can range anywhere from a few hundred thousand rupees to much more, and often requires multiple treatments. You can learn more by visiting the

If you are experiencing rapid hair loss, it could be for another reason other than Androgenetic Alopecia. If you think this may be the case, it is important to go see a doctor. There are many causes for sudden hair loss, and some require treatment as soon as possible.

The Nanogen range of products work from all aspects including scalp cleansing, shampoos, thickener, Hair Regrowth and growth factors based on plant formulas, and finally the very instant fibres which give results in 30 seconds! So for a one stop shop with regards to your treatment of hair loss see our site.


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