Thursday, 28 July 2011

Nanogen Providing the Ultimate Hair Loss Concealing Treatment

Nowadays, people are facing one common problem is “Hair Fall”. There are many hair fall products are available in the market but Hair Loss Products India is leading the market for this. Here, we will be familiar with the how to pick the best hair fall products.
Thinning or receding hairline leading to baldness is a common problem faced by thousands of men and women in India and other parts of the world. Nanogen is the solution to this problem which works instantly. It aids in concealing thinning hair or baldness in men and women. Nanogen contains advanced keratin fibers of hair which gets attached with the existing follicles of hair and gives a totally natural look and feel to the hair. Hence, by using Nanogen products you can get back your lustrous mane and your appealing look.

Nanogen treatment for hair loss has gained popularity in India as well. Baldness India is a huge problem especially among young adults who have already developed thin hair at the age of 30 or even less. Nanogen hair loss treatment is effective and can be easily administered. The microscopic keratin fibers need to be sprinkled on the scalp and on the bald areas. This will increase hair volume instantly. Do not be apprehensive regarding the look or color because the tiny colorless hairs on the bald zone of the scalp along with the keratin fibers of Nanogen create a complete natural look and color. It adds volume and density to hairs and works for men and women alike. Nanogen products are available in different colors to suit all hair colors and types.

Hair fall due to various reasons start in men at quite an early age and this phenomenon is known as Alopecia. This can be treated and hair fall can be reduced while maintaining the volume of hair by using Nanogen products. Hair loss is generally attached to men. However, this is a myth because women also tend to lose hair by the time they reach 50. However, the positive point is that women respond better to hair loss treatment than men, thereby reducing the cause of distress. Nanofibres India is a smart solution to reduce hair fall and thinning of hair. Nanofibers when come into contact with the tiny colorless hairs on the scalp lend a natural voluminous look to hairs.

The average scalp of a human being contains around 100,000- 150,000 hairs. The root also known as the follicle is responsible for hair growth. These lie under the skin. The follicle derives essential elements from blood which nourishes the hair. Hair growth constitutes two phases- the Anagen or the growth phase and Telogen or the phase of rest. Maximum hair loss is caused during the second phase. Hair fall can happen naturally due to the growth cycle but that is around 100 hairs everyday. If it is more than that and without replacement, then it is a matter of concern.

This is where Nanogen Fibres India comes into the picture by restoring the young and healthy look of hair. Nanogen Hair Camoflage is by far the most effective hair camouflage available in the market today. According to experts, Nanofibers is the best product that can be used to conceal thinning hair. Nanofibers are the most consistent with the hair follicle due to their nature. provides perfect solution for all sorts of male and female hair loss problems. It’s male and female Hair Loss Products are approved by Alopecia Society and are recommended by leading hair loss professionals. Its Hair Replacement India treatment has also gained popularity.


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